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I haven't written in a while, though I've always loved it, I've been inspired by certain unnamed lyrical genius hip hop bands lately.
"Make Your Own Peace"

I'm not meaning to procrastinate,
I'm just trying to create,
Sit back and contemplate,
Lay back, maybe meditate.
Have a chat, maybe relate,
Maybe it'll be a debate.
Either way we'll collaborate,
Look back at whats at stake.
And don't worry about the mistakes,
We can fix whatever it breaks.
A little time is all it takes.
A little smoke is what it makes.
Just wait until the ice breaks.
And the earth quakes.
Crust cracking, earths lacking.
So get it right mate.

Never, ever, never break under pressure.
Never, never, ever take advantage of the pleasure.
Because it will never, ever, ever get any fucking better.
If we never ever, start working together.

Yeah, I haven't written rhymes  in a long time,
So I don't quite know how its gonna flow,
But we'll find out together where it'll go.
But I'm taking a bet, it'll be better,
Get better, with every other letter,
Better than 'the devil you know',
It wrecks the whole flow.
Wrecks the music,
Wrecks the business,
And all these people witness,
On a daily basis, but just look at their faces,
Blank staring, people all glaring,
At the TV, are you kidding me?
'Oh look what Britney did on TMZ'
Look at Beyonce, ooh now look at Jay-Z
All the people twerking, getting down with Miley.
And as scarey as it seems, here rolls in the miltary,
Their bombing all our oceans, and their blasting through our streets,
All taking orders from their masters drum beat,
The only supporters and the dead beats and red neckers,
The politicians and the bankers,
I could rhyme it again but it would be an explicit,
But my content is clean and I'm not here to solicit,
that kind of behaviour.
I'm here to explain to ya.
The buildings are collapsing with catastrophic consequence,
All there's no repentance,
For the sick offenders,
Calling themselves defenders!
This shit is killing me,
And its killing you,
And you don't even know it,
Its killing you!
Consuming you,
And your consuming it,
And your just a hypocrite...
Its hypocritical,
My theories not hypothetical,
Its literal.

You can't even begin to understand,
Without expanding your mind,
But maybe your scared of what you may find,
But maybe your scared of what you'll unlock,
You're just sitting there watching the clock,
Are you waiting to die?
'Nah man I'm waiting to fly
Waiting to spread my wings,
Waiting to soar'
'Have you seen the revolution? Man I just saw it!'
"But can you afford it?
How much is it making?"
'No its not about that brother, see now were debating,
Nah man explaining, exasperating, my point.
trying to get my expressing out.'

But I'm getting off topic,
And I really must stop it,
Because I have a good point,
Or just something I should point out,
Something I should shout about,
The message, the truth in a passage.
But I really can't manage with this beat...
So slow it down, let me take my time....
At the end your views will change, you'll begin to see mine.
And its all in a rhythm and oh how poetic,
But its not really not, its tragic,
Like I said catastrophic,
Like I say its run by magic,
Dark evil shit, its twisted and its evil,
And its satanic and manipulates the people.
And they build the phallic symbol,
At the top of their steeples,
And they look down at the masses
And their raising their glasses,
Because their evil plan has been a resounding success,
Their crown jewel, their princess in her evening dress.
And its mess,
You should see behind the scenes,
Nothing in Hollywood's exactly what it seems,
Nothing on the internet, nothing on your newsfeeds,
Unless you follow revolution,
Earths evolution.
Getting daily updates on the Earths pollution.
Daily, its a crying shame.
Pointing fingers, and the governments to blame,
But so are we, so are you, id we don't take action
There already working out our reaction,
Lets make it peaceful, we don't want to kill more innocent people,
We don't want to loose ancient knowledge from out temple,
So I make a promise to help as much as I can,
But my art is my only plan,
Spreading peace with a pencil,
People think I'm mental,
Planting seeds of truth in dark corners of your mind,
Hopefully truth is the only path you'll find.

The worlds and evil place, lets make some angels,
Make some art and work out the angles,
Get drunk, loose ourselves, we only live once,
Its my opportunity and I'm gonna pounce,
Whatever you do live with the peace,
Find your inner-self and live healthy, love the world and feel blessed.
Yeah its all corrupt and its all messed up,
But it shouldn't change the person you are,
It should stop you from having a laugh,
Love with all your heart.
Make your own peace.
  • Mood: Joy
  • Listening to: Birds tweeting
  • Watching: That little emoticon jump up and down. Lol
  • Playing: Tekken 6


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Meghan Sharp
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My name is Meg.
I'm 20. And I have only been creating, drawing and painting for a year. I hope to spread truth, love and beauty in my art, and hope to inspire people, as well as meet new artists or art lovers.

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